Network Maintenance
IT outsourcing is great solution for most small and medium sized businesses and for certain large businesses. With Pathway Computer Group you access highly skilled people without the growing expense of maintaining an in-house staff of IT personnel.

Why turn to individuals who “know something” about computers or who are considered a jack-of-all-trades (master of none) and may actually cause more problems than they solve.

You can depend on the high-tech and professional team of IT Integrators for reliable computer support. Our proven team of IT network services experts offer affordable IT services, computer help, network management, network maintenance help and support and data backup. Our experts can attend to your needs anytime you need us, allowing you to focus on your customers and your business.

Network Installation
Pathway Computer Group has experts who are well versed in setting up networks. Our process includes design, planning, consulting, project management, procurement, implementation, testing, training and documentation. We take care of reconfiguring or updating existing infrastructure or designing an entirely new one. Having the right network provides better sharing of resources. We provide wireless networking and mobile devices to extend your network and accessibility. Remote access allows you to work from almost anywhere.

High Speed Internet
There are a number of DSL, Cable, Satellite. WiMAX or Cellular solutions to choose from and Pathway Computer Group can help you determine the right internet solution for your needs. In addition to internet use you can also use high-speed connections for telecommuting and bringing remote offices together. Our staff can also assist you in setting up Voice Over IP for inexpensive long distance internet calling. If you are interested in maximizing your internet connections give us a call at 919-386-0344 or send us an email.

When you experience computer or network problems call us. Our troubleshooting service will have you up and running ASAP! Need help settling a technical dispute between separate vendors? Instead of finger pointing or the run-around we provide solutions. In many cases our remote IT access allows our skilled technicians to have you back up in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Network Security
How secure is your network? Hackers don’t care who you are, many wreak havoc just for bragging rights. The staff of IT Integrators can give you a security analysis and a plan for securing your network. Maintaining security is a never-ending process of monitoring and maintenance. The idea is to build a perimeter that’s harder to cross so hackers will move on to easier prey. It involves an “end to end” process that includes clients, applications, servers, boundary devices and the relationships between all of these elements. We strongly suggest making security part of your regular maintenance plan. Talk with us about the options that are best for you.

PC Building and Repair
We specialize in the building and repair of Windows based PCs and Servers. On every system we build we provide complete configuration and burn in. Configuration provides expert installation of software and gets you up and running quicker. Our process of “burning in” your computer allows us to test the hardware, replace defective components and insure trouble free interoperations between components.

Remote Desktop Access
Pathway Computer Group makes technology work for you. Through remote access we connect you to your files and applications on your office computer. You can log on and work from virtually anywhere, make changes and even save them to your computer or server. Now you can retrieve information and update projects while out of town. The staff at Pathway Computer Group can set you up with a Remote Desktop Access system that is economical, efficient and that requires less bandwidth than Virtual Private Networks. Remote Access dovetails nicely with disaster preparedness.

Web Development
Pathway Computer Group will help you with your online presence. We take existing sites or create new ones that balance visual appeal, marketing content and search engine relevance. In other words we deliver sites that look good, present compelling content and can be found through searches. Your website is your 24/7 presence online for the world to see and find you. Talk with us about designing your first website or taking your existing site to the next level.
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