About Us

Your computer systems, network and data management are crucial for your business.

We provide dedicated staff for your network management and maintenance. We attend to your IT support needs, solutions implementation and troubleshooting.

As the founder and owner of Pathway Computer Group, Joel Phillips has combined the task of working on computers with helping people. We listen to you, ask relevant questions to pinpoint problems, translate “geek speak” so you are informed on your specific issues and options. We are here to serve people and help them work with computer technology with best industry practices. In addition to exceptional IT services we treat people the way we would like to be treated.

Steps We Take For Network Excellence
We assess your current environment. We look at your business strategy, goals, revenue models, and how technology is being integrated into your business.

We present focused recommendations. With your business specifics in mind we present a well-thought-out network management and maintenance plan, with action steps, a network map, focused objectives and other schedules of support.

We handle the implementation and integration. Our process includes design, planning, consulting, project management, procurement, implementation, testing, training and documentation. We take care of reconfiguring or updating existing infrastructure or designing an entirely new one.

We monitor your technology. We have several applications for remote monitoring and tracking systems that allow us to consistently track network management to ensure optimum performance.

We manage your network. This saves our clients a lot in costs. Through regular and affordable maintenance and support we help enhance system stability (less downtime) and reduce emergency calls. We create management plans to meet your specific needs.

Thanks for considering us. We look forward to serving you.
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